Vision: GTBA is a social adult basketball rec league anyone can join, focused on bring the best in balanced competition, entertainment.

Mission: To provide a outstanding basketball league experience, by drafting balanced teams each season, of individuals with different skill level and ages.

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2010 – GTBA #TheGoldenEra – Seasons 1 – 14 – General Tsos Basketball Association also known as GTBA, tsobasketball, and the Saturday Basketball Association, is the most unique rec-league from men in the Indianapolis area. It is a little more than a rec-league… GTBA is the only basketball league in Indiana that is organized and run by a group of volunteers, who put in many hours of their lives, time and effort to provide game videos, player and game statistics, custom jerseys and referees. The basketball league begun with just 4 teams early in 2009, but due to its popularity it kept on growing and by the fall of 2010 it was up to 12 teams with games running every Saturday from 1pm top 6pm. In Summer 2011 (Sason 6) The final game was played on August 21st downtown Indianapolis at the home of the Indiana Pacers and Fever, Conseco Fieldhouse. Player skill levels begin from just good ol’ Indiana pickup game experience to, high school, to college, and yes we even have a few pro’s trying us out during their off season from overseas. Due to its growing popularity and fan base, the GTBA has a presence in the growing social media world and can be found additionally to this website on Facebook, and Twitter.

2014 – GTBA #TheLostYears – Seasons 12-15 – After a few years of absence. The league has been resurrected on the South side of Indianapolis. Keep up-to-date with player comments and trash talk on the official facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/goGTBA/

2016 – GTBA #TheNewEra – Seasons 16 – Present – Now the new Game Time Basketball Association, since the league has slowly grown away from the original founding players. Games will be held on Sundays, and after many season of complaining, 2 paid officials will ref each game. The league still try’s to maintain a high quality of play but with a laid back attitude focused on pure enjoyment of the game and entertainment. The new era will see the best gym the league has ever played in. The Park Tudor High School main gym, located just north of downtown Indianapolis. This is by far the most centrally located gym the league has been in and hopes to see new talent for the upcoming seasons. We are looking forward to some great action in this new era of the GTBA, but will not forget our past by carrying on our acronym and most importantly our league trophy that is past to the winning captain after each season…. Well so much for the Trophy.


Pictured is some of the founding players who help start the GTBA. and the 1st commissioner Paul Tan (1st Row, far right), and current commissioner Thomas Hailey (1st Row, far left), Xiao Chen (1st Row, center) also helped get the league off the ground by organizing many teams that consisted of mainly Asian players. Without these 3 the league as we know it would never started, but still running to this day because of all the players who love the game.

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Historical GTBA Records


by season and team

Season 1 / Mark Yoon / Indy Boyz

Season 2 / Paul Tan / ESU

Season 3 / King Johnson & Robby Huang / Dragons & Panda X

Season 4 / Basilis Dimitrelias / Rice Birds

Season 5 / Basilis Dimitrelias & Chris Scott / Kazes & Zilla

Season 6 / King Johnson & Dedric Griffin / Dragons & Panda X

Season 7 / Calvin Middletone / GTGA Warriors

Season 8 / Kevin King / Jordan Cambell / Tigers / Drama

Season 9 / Ryan Poole / Roadrunners

Season 10 / Jordan Cambell / MonStars

Season 11 / Ryan Poole / Dragons



by season and team

Season 1 / N/A

Season 2 / Titus Wright & Robby Huang / UNU & ESU

Season 3 / Theo Simmons / BBB

Season 4 / Basilis Dimitrelias / Rice Birds

Season 5 / Chris Scott & Pat Mcdonald / Zilla & Hadouken

Season 6 / Dedric Griffin & Nick Waldon / Panda X & Rice Birds

Season 7 / David Barlow / Dragons

Season 8 / Kevin King / Tigers

Season 9 / Jeremy Bricker & Rodney Holiday / Kazees & Drama

Season 10 / Ron Davenport / Gents

Season 11 / Justin Latimore / Gucci


*As of April 2013 (Season 11)







Efficiency Rank 60 Ryan Poole Dragons 4/3/2013 Gucci
Points 70 King Johnson Dragons 7/9/2011 Rush Hour
Assists 17 Chris Scott RoadRunners 10/29/2011 Dragons
Steals 10 Titus Wright Samurais 5/14/2011 Unusuals
Rebounds 27 King Johnson
Tristan Vance
3-Pointers 17 David Barlow Dragons 10/29/2011 RoadRunners
Free Throws 15 David Barlow Gents 4/10/2012 Kazes
Blocks 6 Ryan Poole
Ryan Oakerson
Jameson Mitchell
Josh Perkins
Team Points 120 Panda X 7/23/2011 Tigers




Most Points All Time Anthony Marshall
Basilis Dimitrelias
David Barlow
1825 / 78 games / 23.4 avg
1793 / 81 games / 22.1 avg
1254 / 41 games / 30.6 avg
Most Games Played Paul Tan 100 only player to have played in first 10 seasons.
 *as of Season 11


Zach Barras (Warriors) 4/24/13 vs Zilla: 20 pts, 10 assists, 15 rebounds
Basilis Dimitrelias (Kazes) 11/14/12 vs Gucci: 15 pts, 10 assists, 13 rebounds
Anthony Marshall (Rage) 3/17/12 vs Hadouken: 19 pts, 10 assists, 10 rebounds
David Barlow (Gents) 3/17/12 vs Birds: 29 pts, 10 assists, 10 rebounds
Nick Waldon (Tigers) 3/10/12 vs RoadRunners: 21 pts, 10 assist, 12 rebounds
Pat McDonald (RoadRunners) 10/29/11 vs Dragons: 22 pts, 10 assists, 23 rebounds
Zach Barras (Godzilla) 4/16/11 vs Samurais: 21 pts, 11 assists, 12 rebounds
Mark Yoon (IndyBoyz) 1/23/10 vs CCC: 11 pts, 10 assists, 10 rebounds