Vision: GTBA is a social adult basketball rec league anyone can join, focused on bring the best in balanced competition, and entertainment.
Mission: To provide a outstanding basketball league experience, by drafting balanced teams each season, of individuals with different skill level and ages.

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2010 – GTBA #TheGoldenEra – (Seasons 1 – 14) – Originally called General Tsos Basketball Association also known as GTBA, tsobasketball, and the Saturday Basketball Association. Started out as the the most unique rec-league in the Indianapolis area. Besides having mostly players of Asian decent for the first 2 seasons, The GTBAs popularity grew and was open to anyone and had a group of over 300 players playing throughout the seasons. It was the first of its kind to offer a 5 on 5 basketball experience that teams were drafted and not formed outside of the league. This created balance and distributed the talent across the league. It was founded on players all over Indiana, organized and run by a group of volunteers, who put in many hours of their lives, time and effort to provide game videos, player and game statistics, custom jerseys and referees.

The basketball league began with just 4 teams early in 2009, but due to its popularity it kept on growing and by the fall of 2010 it was up to 12 teams with games running every Saturday from 1pm top 6pm. In Summer 2011 (Season 6) The final game was played on August 21st downtown Indianapolis at the home of the Indiana Pacers and Fever, Bankers Life Field house. Player skill levels begin from just good ol’ Indiana pickup game experience to, high school, to college, and yes we even have a few pro’s trying us out during their off season from overseas. Due to its growing popularity and fan base, the GTBA has a presence in the growing social media world and can be found additionally to this website on Facebook, and Twitter.

This era is usually to referred to as the Golden Era of the GTBA because of the level of rapid popularity and growth. As well as the amount of volunteers and leadership during this span. The original Commissioner Paul Tan was the main driving force in bringing such a fun experience to recreational basketball, by allowing players to contribute to the league and make it something other than just a game you played once a week. It became part of everyone’s week, Blogs, Highlight videos, Interviews and so much more.

2014 – GTBA #TheLostYears – (Seasons 12 – 15) – The 3 seasons that have been known as the dark and lost era of the GTBA was not completely forgotten. It was a time of rebuilding the league after it expanded so quickly and former captains and leaders of the league moving away. After a few years of absence. The league was resurrected on the South side of Indianapolis. It was not pretty but the spirit of the league was kept alive by the current commissioner Thomas “T” Hailey. With the push from former players the league was rebooted. But with very little help from volunteers and lack of time many of the things players enjoyed were lost while trying to keep the league going. Many of the stats and videos were not kept during this period. But as the kept rolling things got better quickly and moved out from this dark period quickly.

2016 – GTBA #TheNewEra – (Seasons 16 – Present) – After moving out of the lost years of the the GTBA such a dramatic move called for a re-branding of sorts to the league, Starting with a name change. Starting with season 16 GTBA was renamed GameTime Basketball Association, still keeping the original acronym for historical proposes. Because the league was starting become more established a lot of the original rules and ideas changed to give the league a little more structure. First thing was establishing a home for the the league. Park Tudor is where all the games are held. Next was establishing and making captains responsible for stats, and helping when needed. Third thing was getting sponsorship to help with funding  and league awareness. Finally, and maybe the most significant change was the retirement of the Generals Trophy. It was retired after years of being passed down to each seasons champions and replaced with the new Championship Title Belt.

Game Time Basketball Association, has slowly grown away from the original founding players. Many of the those who played in the Golden Era are now beginning to return. The league still try’s to maintain a high quality of play but with a laid back attitude focused on pure enjoyment of the game and entertainment. The new era will see the best gym the league has ever played in. The Park Tudor High School main gym, located just north of downtown Indianapolis. This is by far the most centrally located gym the league has been in and hopes to see new talent for the upcoming seasons. We are looking forward to some great action in this new era of the GTBA. And with that, the spirit of the GTBA will not be forgotten. It will not go away without a fight. It was founded by those who love the game and enjoy the social aspect of what it can bring.


Pictured is some of the founding players who help start the GTBA. and the 1st commissioner Paul Tan (1st Row, far right), and current commissioner Thomas Hailey (1st Row, far left), Xiao Chen (1st Row, center) also helped get the league off the ground by organizing many teams that consisted of mainly Asian players. Without these 3 the league as we know it would never started, but still running to this day because of all the players who love the game.

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