Open Positions

Interest in any position contact us via Facebook or Twitter

Current Positions (Open Positions)

(1) CommissionerThomas Hailey

  • Keep the league running, collecting payment, organizing the gym, and anything else that needs to picked up

(1) Depute CommissionerOpen

  • Help with the startup of another division at another facility.
  • Oversee the leagues rules, Player Conduct, and operation of the league, serve as a backup if the Commissioner is unable to attend an event.

(1) Head of OfficiatingOpen

  • Provide quality officiating, as well as finding 2 officials for each game.

(3-5) Social Media TeamOpen

  • Members of this team will be granted access to the GTBA social media accounts to help promote the league.

(1-2) Website AdminOpen

  • Administer the leagues websites, and post¬†announcements

(4) Statistician Team Р Open

  • Provide stats for games played and entering them online

(3) Marketing and Video TeamOpen

  • Help record games and posting them to YouTube or other Social Media account

(1-2) PhotographerOpen

  • Take pictures at game and post to Instagram or Facebook – We can provide the camera

(8) Team Captains –¬†FILLED

  • Fully participate in the combine and league draft
  • Take care of team jerseys for each game
  • Vote on new rules, and all-star selections
  • Help with at least 1 aspect of the volunteer work (Video, Stats, Scoreboard, Camera, or Reffing if necessary)

(1) DJ – Open

  • Get as creative as you want! – At the minimum put together a playlist that is lit (We have a Bluetooth PA speaker, but your welcome to bring anything else)